About Us

About UsMaintaining a home isn’t always easy for everyone. Some spend thousands of money for repairs, home improvements, and tradesman services. Fortunately, there are ways to save on maintenance costs. Learning simple Do-It-Yourself techniques or skills helps you keep your home looking beautiful for a long time.

Getting to Know a Tradesperson

A tradesperson or tradesman is a skilled worker in a specific craft. They have a high degree of theoretical and practical knowledge. Tradesmen offer professional services at affordable rates. This is why being a tradesman is a lucrative job in many countries, including Australia.

Historically, to be a qualified tradesman, one has to become an apprentice and then a journeyman. Once you’ve proven your skills to your guild, you’ll become a master and get the chance to train your own apprentices. The process has changed over the centuries. For apprenticeship, you’d still have to work for another tradesman or master but you also need to attend an accredited trade school.

Learning Tradesman Skills at Home

You do not need to be a tradesman to perform improvement and repairs at home.  Mytradejob.com is a real estate handyman website helping homeowners keep their properties in good condition without spending a fortune. By providing helpful guides on doing trade jobs around the house, we hope to give homeowners more control over their properties.

Mytradejob.com aims to help homeowners find better ways to manage their homes by providing practical solutions and guides. We offer DIY tips on common house problems such as plumbing, electrical, room makeovers, lawn maintenance and more. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to make homeowners confident of their skills in performing simple repairs at home. Doing so will help them avoid unnecessary expenses and only hire the services of tradesmen for complicated home repairs that are beyond their skills.